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Halftime Hot Takes - move the ball!

Ball movement, Jeff Teague, and trade talk

NBA: Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Clippers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ball Movement - a passing fad?

After last night’s game where assists were the new hotness you would think that the team would be right back to sharing the rock. Not so much in the first half of this game. Just 10 assists for the whole team so far. A lot of standing around, holding the ball, and hesitation shooting even when there are open opportunities. I’m not sure if that’s Detroit doing things to disrupt the passing or if the Celtics are just not aggressively moving the ball but it needs to get better to win this game.

That’s enough Jeff Teague

I don’t feel good about piling on at this point but this it is glaring. He got a DNP-CD against the Raptors but Kemba is out tonight so someone needed to step up and fill those minutes. Teague is supposed to be the steady veteran who can at least hold down the fort. Instead he coughed up the ball twice and posted a -8 in plus/minus. The one three pointer was nice but see the previous point about ball movement. That’s on everyone, but in particular the point guard. Maybe roll with the younger guys like Carsen Edwards and Tremont Waters to get some energy out there.

Jerami Grant trade talk

Scalabrine and the TV crew talked a lot about the potential of trading for Jerami Grant (Scal suggested giving up 3 picks for him). So now we’re going to get questions for weeks about Grant. I get why the Celtics would be interested, what I’m not tracking is the idea that he might be available. Scal insists that he’s not on the same timeline as the Pistons. Well, why did they just sign him then? Also, wouldn’t they want to be good sooner than later? Detroit wants to get better just like any team and trading away found money like Grant is a good way to never make headway.

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