Its time......Its time to cut ties with Danny Ainge.

Do I think hes a horrible GM...No. Hes probably a better GM than more than half the guys out there, but hes not the guy for this team anymore. The Garnett trade was great, alot of that was luck timing, and connections, in fact all of it was. Still he gets props for that move. It netted us the Js, great.... The trade with philly, the drafting of Tatum great moves. Avery Bradley for Morris, great move. Rob Williams who fell in our lap at 26/27 seems like its paying off. Ainge has absolutely has had some good moments.

However his falters specifically over the past 3 years have been bad. Theres really no other word for it. Ill start with one of the latest, the season we lost Kyrie, Horford, Morris, Rozier, and Baynes.... In return getting basically Kemba Walker. Honestly even for all the green teamers out there that was absolutely worse case scenario. Kyrie was....well, whatever, well chalk that one up as a nice try. Loosing Horford sucked, especially for nothing but the ones to me that really sting, where loosing Morris, and letting Rozier go for this albatross of a contract we have now in Kemba Walker. We could have kept them both. Rozier is flat out a better player than Kemba Walker now, and Morris is one of the better role players in the entire league. The both play good defense too.

The signing of Hayward....Great in theory. He was the best free agent availabe in obviously a very weak draft class. Hes basically a plug n play guy at the wing position. Thing is we were set at that spot here. We had two budding stars here in the Js and Morris to play with and back them up. The injury was horrible, but Haywards fit here was never a good one. Oh and btw like Walker his price tag was over 30 million.

Lastly that brings me to the stockpiling and hoarding of draft picks. Whatd we have like 10 first round picks the past 3 years? 9 maybe? I forget. I know weve had more than two years in which weve had 3 first rounders and not much to show. Ainge looses leverage, ends up basically giving one of them away for NOTHING, and leaves the team and Brad seemingly unchanged. Honestly his thought process as a GM is so up and down, just writing about it makes me upset. One year he thinks hes wanting to go all in but wont pull the trigger, the next he says were a young team and we have to be patient, and things take time. While the latter may be true im sick of Danny Ainges "timeline" and overall approach/strategy. I think its time for some new blood when it comes to management. Unfortunately or fortunately however you wanna look at it, Stevens is possible collateral damage. Ive never really had a solid opinion on him one way or the other, but he certainly hasnt impressed me. I do put more of the teams problems on Ainge though, who btw is getting up there in age, its time for some new blood. What do you guys think?

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