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Must C’s: Brad Stevens for 3!!!

In an otherwise miserable game, this was a golden moment.

With the Celtics up 96-93 at the midway point in the fourth quarter against the Kings, Jaylen Brown found Brad Stevens in the corner for an open 3:

OK, that’s not what happened. Brown was fouled by Buddy Hield in the post and drew two free throws. Unfortunately, it should have been an and-1 as Richaun Holmes clearly swats the ball on its downward trajectory. “They missed it,” Brown would say of the obvious goaltend in his post-game presser. What should have been a three-point play ended up being a one-point trip with Brown splitting the pair.

However, we did get this magical moment:

NBC Sports Boston

Good form. Feet square to the rim. Wide open. Teammates already up celebrating the make. Had Stevens canned that corner pocket triple, it would have made the loss in Sacramento a little more bearable. In the end, the Celtics dropped the second game of a back-to-back after beating the Warriors on Tuesday night. Their five-game road trip continues in Los Angeles against the Clippers on Friday night and concludes with games in Phoenix and Utah.

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