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How confident in the Celtics are you? (SBNation Reacts)

Should we be worried about this team?

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The Celtics are 11-9 on the season which is still good for 4th in the Eastern Conference but not necessarily where we’d hope to be. The team has had more than its share of injuries, COVID absences, and games delayed due to protocols.

On the bright side both Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have more than stepped up into the superstar roles that we hoped they would fill on this team. Plus there have been surprisingly good starts for a number of players, including rookie Payton Pritchard, and young-ish players like Semi Ojeleye and Robert Williams.

On the downside, Kemba Walker has been up and down and the new veterans (Jeff Teague and Tristan Thompson) haven’t been as good as we’d hoped. Oh yeah, and our defense has slipped noticeably from last year (though still hovering right around 10th in the league). 4th quarters have been a problem for this team this year as well.

So where do you stand on this team? Confident as ever? Ready to slam down on the panic button? Somewhere in between? Let us know.

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