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Topic: what do the Celtics need?

Specifically what elements are missing to make the Boston Celtics better this year?

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

As we ease our way towards the All Star break and get closer to the NBA trade deadline it seems like a good time to take inventory and see what it is that we need to add to this team. The additions could be made via trades (using the TPE, players, and/or picks) or via the free agent and buyout markets.

So let’s narrow down the team needs. We have two elite wings, 3 centers, and a bunch of guys still on their rookie deals.

Defense has clearly been an issue this season. They have good individual defenders (Smart, Tatum, Brown, Theis, Thompson, etc.) but there’s something missing. Could they use a better perimeter defender or two (to keep players from attacking the paint)?

How about shooting? You can’t have enough shooting and the role players on this team aren’t creating a lot of room for Tatum and Brown to go to work.

The team could probably use some good playmakers as well. Not just point guards, but guys at any position that can move the ball. They seem to miss the way that Gordon Hayward and Al Horford used to find the right pass most of the time.

What positions do you think need the most help? Kemba’s load management puts pressure on the point guard depth (especially with Marcus Smart out). Wing depth behind Tatum and Brown is very thin and very green (pun intended). I consider Semi and Grant to be power forwards (sometimes pressed into playing wing) and that could be an area to upgrade. We have three solid centers but perhaps moves could be made to consolidate them into a better option.

So before Danny Ainge heads to the store to restock, what do you think should be on his shopping list?

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