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Garden Report: Celtics locked in on Aaron Gordon trade

The Celtics trade deadline rumor season exploded with various reports of intense Boston interest in Aaron Gordon before he demanded a trade.

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The Celtics lost to the Grizzlies 132-126 in overtime amid rumors that the team has keyed in on disgruntled Aaron Gordon as a trade target ahead of Thursday’s trade deadline. The Garden report crew reacted to the loss and a dreadful defensive effort, along with the Gordon possibilities, with press conferences courtesy of CLNS Media.

Is Marcus Smart to Blame for Loss vs Grizzlies?

Marcus Smart committed an important turnover vs the Grizzlies as the Celtics needed a miraculous back door cut from him and lob to Daniel Theis after Memphis missed three looks to force overtime. Once there, Smart shot 0-of-3 jacking three jumpers between the beginning and end of the period. Ja Morant beat him and Robert Williams back door, and Boston gave up a historic 80 points in the paint. What was Smart doing in the loss, where the Celtics remained competitive despite Jayson Tatum and Kemba Walker’s absences, but folded again late in a game.

What Would Aaron Gordon Bring to the Celtics?

What would Aaron Gordon bring to the Celtics if Boston sends Marcus Smart and picks to acquire him? The trade would acquire a 6’8” forward who is 25 years old and long a Danny Ainge target. He’s signed for one more season at $16 million and would fit in for Gordon Hayward on the wing, while giving Brad Stevens a switchable wing who can hit threes sporadically, get to the basket, the free throw line and run in transition. Gordon has been forced to be a playmaker and ball handler for Orlando this year, relegating him to one of the most inefficient players in the league. As a third or fourth option behind Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, that could unlock some of his hoped potential.

How Much Would You Give Up for Aaron Gordon?

The Celtics and Magic are reportedly working on a trade centered around Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier for Marcus Smart and two first rounds picks. Boston could send Tristan Thompson to offset salary, but are in a difficult position where Orlando wants to cut all costs and Danny Ainge can only take 19 million net money back to avoid the “hard cap.” The Garden Report debated if it would do what it takes to acquire Gordon, with other suitors like the Nuggets and Trailblazers still involved despite the Celtics being considered the frontrunner.

NBA Trade Rumors: Celtics Favorites for Aaron Gordon

A general framework of Marcus Smart, Tristan Thompson and two first round picks for Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier emerged from the NBA trade rumors circles days before the trade deadline. The Celtics have offered multiple firsts and emerged as a frontrunner for Gordon, which leads to the next questions. How much would it cost? Could the Celtics still have enough assets before Thursday to get both Gordon and John Collins as his name continues to get connected to Boston? The Garden Report debated whether we would pull the trigger on the move now if you’re Danny Ainge, or wait for the cost to come below giving up Smart.

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