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Topic: Rank the Celtics trade assets

Danny Ainge has more than just the TPE to use.

Detroit Pistons Vs Boston Celtics At TD Garden Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

We spend a lot of time on here talking about what the Celtics can and should go get in a trade. But to get, you have to give. To get something, you usually need to give something good. That’s how it works.

I’m pretty sure that you know about the Celtics TPE. But what else do they have to offer up? I’ll list them out in no particular order and you can work on ranking them in the comments.

Traded Player Exceptions

  • $28.5M (from Hayward trade)
  • $4.7M (from Kanter trade)
  • $2.5M (from Poirier trade)

Draft Picks

  • All of our own 1st and 2nd round picks
  • Heavily protected 2nd round picks


  • [Tatum and Brown are off the table, don’t even bother]
  • Kemba Walker $34.3M
  • Marcus Smart $12.9M
  • Tristan Thompson $9.2M
  • Daniel Theis $5M
  • Romeo Langford $3.6M
  • Aaron Nesmith $3.4M
  • Robert Williams $2M
  • Payton Pritchard $2M
  • Everyone else

Now it is up to you to do the hard part. What would you want if you were another GM?

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