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Garden Report: Best win of the Celtics’ season

The Celtics went on a 40-8 run to beat the Nuggets on Sunday for their best win all year.

The Celtics’ run started in the third and ran furiously into the fourth, derailing the likely MVP Nikola Jokic and throttling a Nuggets team that had won eight straight. Denver made three baskets and scored eight points in the final quarter, as Boston exceeded its defensive potential that it searched for all year. The Garden Report and Celtics reacted to the win, Boston’s fourth in five games, courtesy of CLNS Media.

Was Celtics Comeback vs Nuggets Best Win ALL SEASON?

The Garden Report recaps the Celtics’ comeback to blowout the Denver Nuggets, 105-87. The crew discusses if this was the best win of the season for the Celtics, with the way multiple guys contributed and how they fought back. With everyone in the starting lineup scoring double-figures, they further analyze who stepped up tonight and what does this means for the Celtics going forward? The Celtics currently stand as the 7th in the Eastern Conference, and now are over .500 with a 28-26 record.

How were the Celtics were able to hold the hot Nuggets to 87 points, with possible MVP Nikola Jokic, newly acquire Aaron Gordon, and young upcoming Michael Porter all starting? Does this win say more about the Nuggets play or the Celtics?

Would Aaron Gordon Have Succeeded with Celtics?

The Garden Report brings up the question of should Celtics second-guess not trading for Aaron Gordon after the Celtics 105-87 comeback win? During and leading up to the NBA Trade Deadline, rumors were circulating about the idea of a Gordon for Marcus Smart plus picks swap. Although nothing came of it, and Aaron Gordon was traded to the Nuggets as they went on to win their seven next games.

Now it was time for Celtics fans to see up close what they were really missing ... and with how Gordon played in the Denver vs Celtics game, it wasn’t much. Gordon finished the night with 7 PTS 7 REBS, and 2 ASTS. Meanwhile, Smart, who has also been playing really well as of late, ended up with 14 PTS, 5 ASTS, and 4 REBS.

Furthermore, the crew discusses Aaron Gordon’s down night and the reason for it, while also bringing up Smart’s recent play. Also, more on if missing out on Gordon turned out to be a good thing?

Is Robert Williams Better Suited to Start or Come Off Bench?

The Garden Report reflects back on the debate about who should start Rob Williams or Tristan Thompson? After Celtics got blown out by the 76ers and Joel Embiid, Williams’ play has left more to be desired. Although like the rest of his team, Williams made a comeback starting in the 2nd quarter of the Celtics win over the Nuggets. Going against another potential MVP in Nikola Jokic, Williams almost obtained a double-double to finish his night but fell just short with 10 PTS and 8 REBS.

Meanwhile, Thompson came off the bench and looked solid in his role, finishing with 9 PTS and 4 REBS.

Should the Celtics keep the rotation how it is after Williams’ bounce-back night? How was the Timelord able to bounce back tonight? The Garden Report addresses it all in the postgame show.

Nikola Jokic BENCHED After Grant Williams Stops

The Garden Report highlights Grant Williams’ night vs the Nuggets, where he managed to play great defense vs the potential MVP in Nikola Jokic. Williams was part of the spark that helped the Celtics go on a 31-3 run to comeback and beat the Nuggets 105-87. Grant Williams was the “enforcer” and getting in Nuggets player face providing great energy to the team.

Williams said he was trying to make Jokic word hard to find passing lanes by pressing him. During postgame, Williams says “We were getting back-cut a lot at that time, and I had Rob (Williams) to protect behind me. So, I just tried to make it harder on him.”

Does this game tonight show that Grant Williams should be consistently in the rotation with consistent minutes? What can Williams provide for the Celtics, and how should the Celtics use him? The Garden Report addresses it all in the postgame show.

Should Celtics Bench Kemba Walker?

The Garden Report analyzes Kemba Walker’s season and role in the win vs the Nuggets. The crew raises few questions about whether Walker might play better off the bench with the Celtics teams as Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown take over as the stars of the show.

How is Walker helping the team this season, and is he still a key piece? Also, what is Walker’s future with the team? Will they possibly trade him this offseason?

Walker finishes the night vs the Nuggets with 14 PTS, 6 ASTS, 5 REBS, but went 0-7 from the three-point line. This season Walker is averaging almost 18 PTS and 4 REBS, plus 5 AST per game.

After the game vs the Nuggets Walker says “I like where we’re headed. But it’s on guys like myself, Jayson (Tatum), Jaylen (Brown), and (Marcus) Smart. We have to hold each other accountable and hold other guys accountable and set the tone. That’s on us.”

Can Romeo Langford Grow Into a Difference-Maker For The Celtics?

Is Romeo Langford growing into the difference-maker off the bench that the Celtics were looking for this last offseason?

The Garden Report examines Romeo Langford’s play so far this season and how he has grown since college. What are some skills he posses, and what does he do well vs what he still needs to improve on? Can Langford develop into a key role player for the Celtics? With his defensive skill set can he grow to an Avery Bradley type player for the wing position? Is he an upgrade over his fellow and more experience wing teammate, Semi Ojeleye? Then lastly, is he reliable enough to contribute and be insurance for the starting unit during NBA Playoffs?

The crew also highlights some of his plays vs the Nuggets game and how he is helping the Celtics second unit now. In the five games he played so far this season, he is averaging 14 MINS a game, almost 4 PTS, 3 REBS, and hits one out of three shots a game. For the Nuggets game, he was able to put up 5 PTS, 5 REBS, and draw two charges in 16 MINS.

Just last week Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens said, “I think he adds a great deal of value to our team ... He knows how to play.”

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