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Mailbag answers Part I: where I question the questions

Sometimes the only answer is more questions.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Charlotte Hornets Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes you don’t have any answers so you have to answer questions with more questions. I did so on all of these questions from the mailbag.


Brad has to go? Right?

someone has to be held accountable for this season.

So whether you like Brad or not, he is gone, correct?

How can Danny and the Owners justify keeping him when his team is playing like disinterested teenagers at a family event?

If not Brad, then who?

As I said someone has to go, right? Who if not Brad?

I am not against Brad as a coach, his offense is pure garbage, but so are many top coaches. However, the lack of intensity and defensive toughness is on him and I think I am going to agree with the Anti-Brad people and agree he should be the one who goes. Tatum and Brown are salvageable, Brads offense is not.

Is that the solution, or are you just looking for a scapegoat? Will a new coach make the right adjustments and push the right buttons that would maximize the same mix of players? If so, let’s talk names. Which available coaches would be a good fit in Boston?

I’m no longer considering Stevens untouchable, but I’d really want to know that the next guy is a slam dunk improvement before we move on.

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images


In terms of “on paper and when healthy” how do you stack the C’s roster with the rest of the Eastern Conference?

When I say “when healthy”, let’s say that Kemba is not 100% but healthy enough. Just needs games off to keep knee from getting taxed.

What is this “when healthy” that you speak of? Seriously though, I can’t help but consider the Celtics talent in the top-5 of the East. The Nets have the most top end talent. The Sixers and Bucks have a very good mix of talent and experience. Oddly enough, the Heat still concern me despite their own struggles. Theoretically, we should be in that mix, but unfortunately this year has been very harsh on my theories.


Useless bench

Looking at what the young guys from OKC I became so envious. Why can’t Romeo Langford, Grant Williams, Aaron Nesmith and Semi Ojeleye play offense like those guys?? They get the ball and pass it on like a hot potato. No effort to attack the rim, no effort on offense.

If I’m the opponent’s coach, I instruct my players not to defend them too much and be available to double JT or JB. Sure way to beat those miserable Celtics. Look at what a rookie can do. Learn from PP to be useful, because until now those 4 young gentlemen have been TOTALLY USELESS. Am I wrong?

Are you basing your analysis on the one OKC-Celtics game or have you watched their team for the full month of April? I’m guessing that they had their best night of the year, and granted a lot of that is on the Celtics defense and lack of aggression.

With that said, I’ll point out that OKC and our bench do have something in common. Both are young which means they’ll have nights when they look fantastic and nights when they look like college freshmen. Inconsistency is the problem and it has plagued this Celtics team all year long. That’s a roster construction problem.


How bad does it have to get for some fans to accept the truth?

You can still find people out there whining about…

“Oh, we’ve had COVID problems!”

“Oh, we’ve had injury problems!”

“Oh, we haven’t had our starting lineup playing together!”

All of which is just silly. Now, even if this team were playing well, it might not be better than 4th in the East because of COVID, injuries, etc. But this team just suffered two of the most embarassing losses in Celtics history and it wasn’t because of COVID or injuries or lack of practice or anything like that. They lost because they just flat out didn’t work or compete hard enough.

Out of the 30 losses so far this season, how many of them were simply because Boston was outworked by the other team? How many times did the other guys win because they played harder? 10? 15?

That shouldn’t be acceptable and making it unacceptable again is the first step to fixing whatever is wrong with this team.

Who can say? COVID, injuries, condensed schedule have all played some part in this season’s morass. You could argue that the cumulative effect of all of that has been discouraging to the team’s morale and motivation, so it snowballs. How much of that is a valid excuse and how much of it is making excuses?

I come back to the inexperienced players on this team being asked to play larger roles than they normally would be. But that’s our team, so they have to be judged on their results and the results are, as you say, unacceptable.

Thanks again for the questions, folks! Part II of my mailbag will be up tomorrow.

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