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Must C’s: Marcus Smart and Joel Embiid featured in latest Beef History from SB Nation’s Secret Base

The seven year war wages on.

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Cowboys vs. Jayhawks. Celtics vs. 76ers. Marcus Smart vs. Joel Embiid. Looking at the two irritants, you wouldn’t think that they’d constantly be at each other’s throats. Embiid is a seven-footer and towers over the 6’3” Smart. Smart isn’t necessarily a social media maven, but Embiid weaponizes Instagram and Twitter to troll opposing players and team. They’ve hit each other with blind screens and shoved each other out of bounds. They’ve battled in the playoffs and tangled in meaningless regular season affairs. They’ve both complained and lobbied officials over their opponent’s propensity to flail and sell calls.

SB Nation’s Secret Base details the pair’s combative history in their latest episode of Beef History, including back flips back in college, IG posts, nut shots, and the Celtics’ dominance over the 76ers since the two entered the league back in 2014. For other Secret Base videos, check out their YouTube channel, including Beef History’s with Rajon Rondo & Ray Allen, Larry Bird & Bill Laimbeer, Paul Pierce & LeBron James, and Paul Pierce & Quentin Richardson.

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