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Garden Report: Robert Williams can’t stay in game vs Joel Embiid

Robert Williams fouled six times in 16 minutes and sat for most of the 106-96 Celtics loss to the 76ers.

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The Celtics lost to the 76ers in what marked the biggest test of Robert Williams III’s career as a starter, as he tried to front Joel Embiid. That proved a challenge from the opening seconds, but Ben Simmons, Furkan Korkmaz and Dwight Howard proved just as challenging for Williams to stay in position and not reach against.

The Celtics reacted to the loss, Bobby Manning broke down the Williams film and the Garden Report debated the game after, courtesy of CLNS Media.

Robert Williams III unable to guard Joel Embiid

The Garden Report reflects on Robert Williams fouling out shortly after halftime against Joel Embiid. Williams, who has been one of the bright spots for the Celtics recently, got into foul trouble early and eventually fouled out of the game with only 13 minutes of playtime. In total, Williams grabbed nine boards, had one block, scored four points and three turnovers.

Meanwhile, Embiid, who is only in his second game back from a knee injury, put up 35 points and shot 47% from the field while also grabbing six rebounds and one block. Embiid also shot 20 free-throw attempts, more than the whole Celtics team combined.

Watch the Breakdown — Joel Embiid vs. Robert Williams III

Does Ben Simmons Dominate Jayson Tatum?

The Garden Report analyzes Celtics Star Jayson Tatum’s matchup against 76ers Star Ben Simmons, and the importance of it all in the grand scheme of things. Tatum struggled for most of the game vs the All Defensive Simmons, dropping 20 points plus four assists and rebounds. In the end, a late burst of threes wasn’t enough, as the Celtics continue to have the same struggles and go with Tatum in ISO heavy play. Simmons himself had 12 points, six assists, four rebounds, and three steals.

Who Does Romeo Langford Remind You Of?

The Garden Reports shares how in another disappointing Celtics game, one with few bright spots outside of young forward Romeo Langford. Langford, who played only in his second game this season, was again a nice contributor of the bench for the team defense. Can this be something he continues to build on? Can Langford be a key role piece as he gets acclimated with the team? Or are we just looking for anything to be happy about?

Brad Stevens

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