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Garden Report: Celtics vs Wizards Preview

The Celtics and Wizards play tonight for a trip to Brooklyn and a first-round meeting with the Nets.

Washington Wizards Vs Boston Celtics At TD Garden Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The play-in tournament is here. The Hornets and Pacers begin the afternoon sending on a winner to the next round of the tourney, while the Wizards and Celtics tip-off after at 9 p.m. EST each get two chances to leap into the NBA Playoffs. The Garden Report covered the tournament from all angles on CLNS Media.

Celtics NBA Play In Tournament Predictions and Preview

Boston Celtics finished their season losing to the Knicks, resulting in a 36-36 record to end the NBA regular season. Now the Celtics have to fight for a playoff spot in the NBA Play-In tournament, as they finished in 7th place, and will face the 8th place team, which is the Washington Wizards. The Celtics will host the Wizards on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST. So far this season Celtics are 2-1 vs the Wizards.

If the Celtics win they will advance to the playoff, while if they lose they get one more chance as they will play the winner of the Pacers vs Hornets. and get another chance at a playoff spot.

“We’ll be prepared,” coach Brad Stevens said during postgame. “I mean, I have no doubt about that.”

The Garden Report previews how the Celtics matchup now vs the Wizards, especially now with Jaylen Brown out for the season with a wrist injury. Will having lone-star Jayson Tatum vs Bradley Beal and Russel Westbrook enough? Can former All Star PG Kemba Walker step up? What are the Celtics best chances? All this and more in the following video.

Which Celtics Bench Player Needs to Step Up for PLAYOFFS?

The Celtics haven’t had a consistent lineup all year. Head Coach Brad Stevens has given role players minutes based on the matchup, and some showed promise while others struggled. The Garden Report discusses which role players the Celtics can trust to step up in their battle for an NBA playoff spot, as they’re currently in the NBA Play-In Tournament. Will it be a big man like Tristan Thompson or Luke Kornet? Will Robert Williams make a big impact in his possible return? Which Evan Fournier and Marcus Smart will the Celtics get? Can Kemba Walker stay healthy?

The Celtics face off against Washington Wizards, who have two stars in Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook, Tuesday night for the play-in tournament. The Celtics ranked 16th this season in offensive points, while their defense ranked 12th for points allowed. Can they take their game to the next level?

Would Celtics Rather vs 76ers or Nets?

The Celtics are not in the NBA playoffs yet, but if they do make it, who would be a better matchup for the team Net or 76ers?

The Garden Report analyzes this debate in the following video, while answering if the Celtics have a realistic shot vs either team? The Celtics are the 7th seed, finishing with a .500 record with a middle of the pack offense and defense in terms of scoring. The Nets, who have been having a hard time keeping James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving being on the court at the same time, finished 2nd in the NBA Eastern conference with a 47-24 record, while their offense ranks 2nd in points their defense ranks 21st. Then the 76ers, who have MVP candidate Joel Embiid and DPOY candidate in Ben Simmons finished 1st in the NBA East with 48-23 record and top 3 offense and defense in regard of points.

Who have the Celtics played better this season? The Celtics are 0-3 vs the Nets (one blowout), and 0-3 vs 76ers (two by double-digits).

Post Game Show

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