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Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum leave game after collision

Brown left the court with the help of two staffers. Tatum limped under his own power.

Detroit Pistons v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

A cursed season continues.

With the Celtics down 7 with 41.5 seconds to go, Boston was looking to get a turnover or get a quick foul and overplayed the inbound pass. Carmelo Anthony got it into Norman Powell and Brown fouled him immediately.

Unfortunately, Jayson Tatum and Brown collided after whistle. Both fell to the floor in pain. Here are all the angles:

Brown grabbed his right ankle, the same ankle that had him questionable heading into the Portland game. It looks as if he may have twisted it on Powell’s foot or Powell inadvertently stepped on Brown’s. He left the floor with the help of two staffers. Tatum followed, limping but under his own power.

After the game, Brad Stevens said, “they certainly weren’t swollen or anything like that yet, but that can happen overnight. We’ll see how that plays out here. I’ll have more information for you on Tuesday.” For what it’s worth, Evan Fournier said that neither Tatum nor Brown “seem particularly concerned.”

In his postgame presser, Tatum said, “He stepped on my foot and fell on my leg. I should be alright. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.” Brown did not speak to media after the game.

With two days until their next game on Wednesday in Orlando, the Celtics will not practice tomorrow.

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