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Garden Report: Where will Kemba Walker be traded?

Kemba Walker and the Celtics will reportedly part ways this offseason. What trade would make sense for both teams?

Toronto Raptors v Boston Celtics Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Bleacher Report reported last week that Kemba Walker and the Celtics will part ways this offseason, documenting past efforts to trade Boston’s guard that left a rift between him and management. Walker’s unstable health didn’t help the Celtics last year through their inconsistent season, so a trade makes sense if the C’s can find a healthier star or quality role player. The Garden Report and Dome Theory raised Walker trade ideas and reports this week on CLNS Media.

Should Celtics Trade Kemba Walker for Kristaps Porzingis?’

Kristaps Porzingis is the most realistic return the Celtics can count on being available for Walker. The Mavericks blew a 3-2 lead in the first round of the playoffs and reports of tension between star Luka Doncic and Porzingis surrounded the team. Worse for Dallas, Porzingis struggled to stay healthy and consistently productive throughout the season. He’s signed for two more seasons at $31.7-million and $33.8-million, before a $36-million player option in 2023-24 at age 28.

Should Celtics Trade Kemba Walker for Al Horford?

Is an Al Horford return the best bet for the Celtics in a Kemba Walker trade? The Thunder’s big man, who just turned 35, averaged over 14 PTS, 6 REBS, and 3 ASTS this past season. Walker is due over $35 Million for the next two seasons, while Horford starts at $27 million this upcoming season before his guaranteed money drops to $14.5-million. This move will help the Celtics escape from the fear of paying the tax if they make a move, like bringing back Evan Fournier .

Should the Celtics Trade Kemba Walker for John Wall?

Finishing the year with the Rockets, Wall put up about 20 PTS and 7 ASTS. Before an Achilles injury kept him sidelined for over a season and a half in 2018 through 2020, Wall was considered a star PG in Washington. Known as a tough, playmaker, and two-way player, the Wizards version of Wall could be exactly what the Celtics need, but how much of that level of play can Wall still achieve? Is it worth the risk to see at over $40 million for the next two years?

NBA Insider: Knicks Will Be Interested in Kemba Walker

Bobby Manning and A. Sherrod Blakely discuss the likelihood of a deal happening with the Knicks involving Walker, and why each team would do it.

Would Chauncey Billups Coach Hire Be Problematic?

One of the top candidates considered for the Boston Celtics’ vacant head coach position is Seven-time All-Star, former Celtic, and current Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach, Chauncey Billups. Despite the experience and accolades, teams will likely do their homework before hiring Billups as their head coach, due to a past sexual assault allegation early on in his playing career that has since resurfaced over social media over the last week. According to Washington Post, “Stemming from his playing days as a member of the Celtics, Billups and former teammate Ron Mercer settled the lawsuit of a woman who said she was raped by the two Celtics rookies, at the time, in 1997.”

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