Didnt even make the conference finals! Aside from the Celtics winning the championship, the Nets and Lakers loosing are the next best outcome for me. Loved seeing the dejected look on Kyrie and Hardens faces at the end. KD was superman tonight but he could only do so much. These player manufactured "superteams" are garbage. I hope the NBA is able to find a way to somehow limit that in the future, wishful thinking.....

Honestly too it was nice to see Giannis and Middleton topple these Nets. The Bucks have a real chance this year at getting that chip. What a game. I dont know what the hell that last play in regulation was, coach budd drew up some bs on that one n Lopez kinda choked. They managed to get themselves together in that OT after that horrible end to regulation and get the W!!!!

Too bad for Kyrie n the Nets! LMAO!!!!

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