Ben Simmons........

His name is all over the place regarding his standing with everyone in the 76ers organizaton from the tippity top to the biggity bottom lol. Its amazes me how much can change in the world of sports in short order. If Philly wanted to trade Simmons 2 years ago, or even earlier this season they could have gotten close to a kings ransom for him. Hindsight being 20/20, they couldve done a Harden for Simmons swap for close to equal value, maybe a couple fillers involved, but he wouldve been the centerpiece in a deal for "The Beard"

Enter the 2021 NBA playoffs. I dont need to go into the specifics, but for NBA fans, us bloggers in particular, know Simmons was exposed this postseason. This last series with the Hawks went about as close to worse case scenario for Ben as it could have. His future as an impact player in the league and for his team is in question. Its seems likely philly will be shopping him this offseason, when his stock is at an all time low.

Maybe we were a day late n a dollar short, as we seem to be in alot of cases but do you guys think we couldve gotten Simmons in exchange for Kemba? Or at least Kemba being a main cog in a deal to land Ben? Would we even want Simmons and his contract on this team? Obviously these questions dont matter now, I was just thinking out loud....What do you guys think his value is currently? For a highly touted number one overall pick his value has certainly tanked... I still think all is not lost with him, and I think hed fit in well here although that will likely never happen for several reasons.

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