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Garden Report: Who will coach the Celtics?

Jeff Goodman weighs in on Brad Stevens’ future, while Celtics analysts debated the popular head coaching candidates last week on CLNS Media.

Boston Celtics v LA Clippers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Last week marked one of the landmark moments in Celtics history. Danny Ainge, Boston’s 18-year president of basketball operations, retired and Brad Stevens slid from head coach to Ainge’s role. The announcement set off short and long-term questions about the Celtics organization’s future, with the most immediate being who would coach the team and what is Stevens looking for at that position? CLNS Media brought up names this past week, along with explanations for why Stevens isn’t the coach anymore.

Will Brad Stevens Coach Again?

Brad Stevens said “Whatever they asked me to do, I would have done it. This side is a great opportunity. I’m invigorated by it. I’m excited. We’re set up great. Mike Zarren, Austin Ainge, they are going to make this transition easy. I’m looking forward to working with them,” after being stunningly named Celtics president last week.

Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman debate the reason for the Celtics naming Head Coach Brad Stevens the new Head of Basketball Operations of the Celtics to replace Danny Ainge. Is it because of his contract or they believe he is best for the job? Also, is this what both parties want long term? What will be the key to make this work? Goodman believes it could be a one-year setup before Stevens moves on to the next head coaching opportunity.

Brad Stevens OUT As Celtics Coach

The Ainge replacement is coming from in-house, as Boston head coach Brad Stevens is planning to transition from his current role into becoming the new Head of Basketball Operations of the Celtics.

Stevens said he never even thought about joining the front office before because Danny Ainge was there “and he’s the best at it.” As Stevens makes the transition, he says “I loved coaching. ... But this is the new challenge and this is what we need to do to hopefully be even better.” Also stated that he hopes to find a good coach and be empowering like Ainge was for him.

Still empowering him, Ainge said he believes Brad Stevens was “born for this” and thinks this is actually “a big step forward” for the team.

Who Will Be the Next Celtics Coach?

Who will be the Celtics next head coach is a question a lot of fans and spectators are asking. Brad Stevens is stepping up to takeover Danny Ainge’s role as the new Head of Basketball Operations of the Celtics, as Ainge steps away partly due to health reasons. Stevens now will be looking for his replacement as well in his former role as, he lead the search for the Celtics‘ new head coach.

Some candidates for the position have already been reveled as Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports reports: “Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Jason Kidd and former Atlanta Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce are expected to be head-coaching candidates for the Boston Celtics”

Basketball Analyst at Stadium, Jeff Goodman joins The Garden Report to go over the different options as well as what new GM Brad Stevens NEEDS to consider when hiring the next head coach. Should they go with someone with coaching experience or a new face like a former player? Do they go for a young coach or an older one? Also, how much say does Celtics young stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown involved?

Who Will Be Next Celtics Head Coach to Replace Brad Stevens?

Brad Stevens is stepping into the role of the new Head of Basketball Operations of the Celtics, as Danny Ainge steps down and is believed to be retiring. Now, Stevens needs to both hire a head coach and decide what becomes of his former assistants and staff.

The Garden report crew of John Zannis, Bobby Manning, Josue Pavon, plus CLNS CEO and President Nick Gelso discuss the reasoning behind the move, if Ainge is really done and whether Stevens looks to his staff for the next Celtics head coach. Also, what is Jayson Tatum’s and Jaylen Brown’s reaction or lack of?

NBA INSIDER: Chauncey Billups Fits as #Celtics Coach But…

Max brought veteran Celtics beat report Josue Pavon and CLNS Founder/Celtics Insider Nick Gelso onto the panel and just for some spicy seasoning, he drafted A. Sherrod Blakely and Jeff Goodman who have more knowledge than any of the reporters who tout their “connections” on Twitter. ASB & Goodman both spoke to several people inside Brighton that have allowed enough info to get out for them to discuss.

Kara Lawson? Chauncey Billups? Jason Kidd? Juwan Howard? Maybe… or maybe not.

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