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Give me mailbag questions: I’ll give wrong answers only

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Time for a new twist on an old offseason content filler

Boston Celtics Introduce Ime Udoka Press Conference Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

We’re in the offseason again and that means I need content to fill blog posts. I enjoy doing mailbag posts for a number of reasons. It gives me a feel for what people are interested in reading about, it gives me an opportunity to read-and-react to thoughts (almost conversationally), and of course it provides good filler for the down months.

The only issue is that sometimes my answers come across as too glib or dismissive. It isn’t that I don’t value the questions, I just don’t always know all the answers (at least not to the level of detail that some would like). Oh yeah, and don’t discount the fact that I’m situationally lazy.

Still, I’d like to try again and this time I’m mixing things up. Instead of trying to give you the right answers, I’ll seek to provide “wrong answers only” to your questions. That way, the only way I’ll fail is if I happen to stumble upon the right answer while trying to provide the wrong one. Somehow this is starting to feel like the plot of Tenet so I’ll stop talking now.

Submit your questions below. I’ll do my best to answer them wrongly. Feel free to play along. Enjoy.