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Topic: give us your best Tristan Thompson trade ideas

You know you’ve hit up the trade machine a few times already.

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets - Game Two Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Heading into the summer, the most obvious move the Celtics could make to shake up the roster was trading Kemba Walker. That happened faster than you can say “wait, Brad Stevens is the President of Basketball Operations now?” Now it seems like the next most obvious move the Celtics could make is trading Tristan Thompson.

Adding Al Horford and Moses Brown to a roster that already has Robert Williams and Thompson gives the Celtics 4 centers. And that doesn’t even factor in small-ball lineups. Of course Horford is old, Williams has trouble staying off the injured list, and Moses Brown is untested at best. So having another center on the roster would be good insurance. I’m just not sure if spending over $40M on centers is a great use of the cap. In particular since there are other holes on the roster that need to be filled.

So here’s your chance to solve that issue. Find us some plausible trade ideas where Brad Stevens can send Tristan Thompson and get a good return back. Post your ideas in the comments section below and be nice to each other’s ideas. In fact, here’s a challenge: Before you criticize someone’s idea, post your own first. Have fun!

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