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CelticsBlog mailbag: wrong answers only

I have all the right answers but will only write the wrong ones

Celtics Crossover Gaming v Nets Gaming Club Photo by China Wong/NBAE via Getty Images

A few days ago I asked for questions for a mailbag and I told you up front that I would be giving you WRONG answers only. Here goes nothing.

Note: Do not read anything in italics. Those answers are not approved as “wrong” and are highly suspect.


Will Marcus Smart be on the Celtics when the season begins?

Yes, he will be promoted to President of Thermostat Monitoring ...because he loves heat checks. (yup, that’s the kind of post this is going to be - if you hate this kind of thing, feel free to move along)

Seriously though, I hope Marcus is on the team when he retires many years from now. He’s just one of those intangibles guys that you need more of, not less of.


Who will Udoka and Tatum secretly recruit from the United States national basketball team or the exhibition squad to join the Celtics?

Got the squad ready:

I think Beal is the big target over there, but I wouldn’t mind a long term seed-planting with Booker, Bam, or Grant.


How long until IT is back?

Please submit all your IT questions to the help desk.

I wouldn’t rule anything out, but I’m starting to wonder if that ship has unofficially sailed.


Is it true Danny Ainge is going to be reinstated in August?

Yes, he’ll be playing outfield for the Blue Jays. He’ll fax in a one line note to reporters letting them know “I’m back.”

I think he’ll be a high level consultant for someone in the not too distant future. Maybe Utah.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

D.G. G.

Disregarding swings and bigs, should the two J’s be used at the 2 and 3 or the current 3 and 4? I’d prefer Tatum at the 3 with somebody like Nance from Cleveland at the 4 (even over a resigned Fournier). Your thoughts?

Jayson Tatum should be cloned and used at the 3 and 4. Jaylen Brown should be cloned and used as the 2 and 3. Robert Williams should be cloned a few times in case the first couple get injured.

I’d love someone like Nance or at least some kind of 3-and-D type power forward. We have some depth at 2 and 3 with Romeo and Nesmith, but all we have at 3-4 is Grant Williams (assuming Semi isn’t back).


How is this different than other blog subjects? Wrong answers is what we specialize in on this and all basketball blogs

But our wrong answers are wronger than most wrong answers. We also know everything, see everything, and have every inside scoop that has ever been scooped.

I love the interaction of Mailbag columns, but as I’ve mentioned, I can only offer up my insight and opinion. So user satisfaction may vary.

Leo Vincent

Who will be Celtics point guard during their next championship title run?

I have great news for you, Leo. You are the next Celtics point guard. All eyes are on you to deliver that Banner. No pressure though.

Marcus Smart - Finals MVP: In my heart of hearts I still believe this is possible.

Sacramento Kings v Boston Celtics Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images


Will Stevens extend Rob Williams?
and why I am asking this question?

I mean, does he need to be extended any more? He’s already really tall and has a really long wingspan.

If Williams is willing to take a team-friendly deal in order to lock in longer term money (injury insurance) then I think a deal can get done. If he wants to bet on himself to cash in after next season, then I think we’ll have to sweat it out.


Is it true that you stole the wrong answers only idea from Celticslife?

All my ideas are completely original. I’ve never stolen anything from anyone. Stay tuned for next weeks 10 things I think I think and movie quotes that remind me of sports stories. (I will now light myself on fire)

I actually stole this from the Twitter meme/gimmick. If another blog used it for a mailbag blog post, all I can say is that “great minds think alike.” (which is a totally original saying)


If we trade Romeo for Giannis straight up how many first-round picks should the Bucks give us to balance the scales? Two, or three?


I have nothing serious to add.


Is it really necessary to have a 3rd star? Wouldn’t it be better to put the money into a much better supporting cast for J&J?

Please, do not mention “cast” and “J&J” after this season of injuries and COVID absences.

I’d like to focus on the supporting cast route, but be willing and able to pivot to a 3rd star if the right 3rd star becomes available.


Will ownership pay for a contender?

If so, when will ownership decide it is appropriate to start paying the repeater tax? What limits does ownership have when it comes to spending?

They should buy the Red Sox. Now there’s a contender!

They’ve paid the tax in the past during the Big 3 era, so I have reason to believe that they will again. I think there’s always an upper limit that they’ll be willing to spend and where that line is drawn is anyone’s guess. Smarter people than me estimate it at about $10M - $12M above the tax line.

2021 NBA Playoffs - Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images


Does Tacko Fall have the requisite skillset to be our new starting point guard?

We’re all so sick of these little guys at the point.

Yam Madar is the new Tacko Fall. Prove me wrong.


Since Brown and Tatum hog the Ball from each other

Who should we trade, and what would be a good return?

Why choose one or the other? Just trade them both for all the draft picks ever.

Little D

When are the current owners going to sell?

Really, isn’t it about time they cash in?

Are you buying?

All of Australia

Do you tie the laces on your left or right shoe first? Do you have both shoes on when you tie the first shoe? Asking for a friend

Who ties laces anymore? Just slip those puppies right on!

Thanks for the questions, everyone. I hope that this was at least entertaining enough for a golf clap.

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