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Topic: What is the Celtics’ biggest need heading into the offseason?

After Stevens replaced Ainge and hiring Udoka as head coach, Boston’s focus now shifts to its players.

Boston Celtics Introduce Ime Udoka Press Conference Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

The Boston Celtics moved fast to make changes to the front office and coaching staff. They also moved fast on trading Kemba Walker (and a pick) away in exchange for Al Horford and Moses Brown. Still, there’s a lot of work left to do. There’s the draft, free agency, and the potential for more trades. But there’s a limited means for addressing the team’s needs.

So if you were wearing Brad’s polo shirt (buttoned all the way to the top), what would be your priority?

A popular opinion is that the Celtics need to address the point guard spot now that Kemba Walker has left the building. The team has Marcus Smart and Payton Pritchard but could either use depth at the position or a starter if you prefer Smart off the bench.

Another option to focus on is the power forward spot. You could argue that Jayson Tatum plays a lot of 4, especially if someone like Evan Fournier is going to be in the starting lineup. But again, depth could be an issue at this spot.

A big variable in the offseason is Fournier himself. It is far from a foregone conclusion that he comes back to the Celtics since he’s a free agent. One answer to this question is that he’s the biggest priority because we can’t easily replace someone of his talent on the roster without giving up assets to do so.

At first blush the center position seems overloaded, so it wouldn’t be much of a priority to upgrade there. Then again, if the team decides to use Tristan Thompson’s salary in a trade, you could make the case that adding a big for injury insurance wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I’ve been focusing on positions here, but there are other ways to look at it. You could say that we need shooting, playmakers, and defensive versatility. You could group them like Brad has into ball handlers, wings, swings, and bigs, too. Feel free to get creative.

So what is your biggest priority for the offseason? And if you want to rank a few items, feel free.

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