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2021 NBA Draft - Open Thread

Come talk about the NBA Draft, rumors, and news

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets - Game Two Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The NBA Draft is tonight! That’s a little less exciting to hear when you know that the Celtics have traded away their first round pick and are unlikely to trade back into the first round. But that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to watch.

For one thing, they still have a 2nd round pick - 45th overall. For another thing, the draft is a key time for trades, rumors, and interesting league-wide NBA news.

Will some of the high level names be moved tonight? Guys like Bradley Beal, Damian Lillard, Ben Simmons, or others? Based on how complex deals like those can be I wouldn’t count on it, but you never know.

What about some smaller deals (and in particular, deals involving the Celtics)? There’s always a chance. I haven’t seen any credible rumors recently but we haven’t seen this front office function during the draft yet, so I’m not sure if that means nothing is happening or if we just don’t know about it yet.

If you are logging in before the draft, give us your predictions. Otherwise, feel free to use this thread to react to the news as it develops.

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