Larry Nance

SI recently reported the Cavs are actively trying to move Nance and Osman so they can free up money tor Jarrett Allen‘s new deal. (Allen’s $100M extension seems nutty, but anyway.) SI also speculates the Sixers could be interested in Nance, and that would suck.

Nance makes $10M this year, which fits so neatly into the Thompson TPE. He’s signed though next season and seems like he could be an ideal complement to our core. We could easily jettison Parker to open the roster spot.

Yeah, we’s still have to ship off somebody else, and yeah, we’’re already $5M into the luxury tax. But with Schroder and Horford now on the team, Nance’s shooting and rebounding from the four spot could beautifully fill our last hole - and, dare I say, get us back into the fringe of contention. (He’d also give us an expiring contract next year to package with Al, if need be.) I’m in the minority that doesn’t hate Grant Williams, but I’d much, MUCH rather have Nance off our bench.

First unit: Smart, Richardson, Brown, Tatum, Al

Second team: Schroder, two of Pritch/Nesmith/Romeo, Nance, TimeLord

Situational depth: Kanter, Dunn, one of Grant/Fernando

Shipped off for a bag of boiled peanuts: Edwards

That, to me, is a team with a puncher’s chance in the playoffs; a solid mix of youth and veterans; and few exorbitant salaries far into the future. It’s poifect, and the tax hit would be relatively small because Nance’s deal is so modest. (Maybe Brad would look to move Dunn instead of Edwards to save ownership a few more million bucks - but hey, if you’re dipping into the tax for the short term, why not put the best team on the floor you can?)

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