Who's better Marcus Smart or Dennis Schroder?

My next question is: would Brad gave the contract to Marcus had he known D. Schroder was going to be available to Boston for a mere 5.9 mil? as they seem to be similar style players.

I personally think they are similar but not identical. D. Schroder seems to be able to stay with faster/quicker PG's while M Smarts seems to struggle against said players. M Smart is clearly stronger and is clearly more versatile and gets asked to guard PF's somewhat often.

Neither one is considered lethal from the outside. M Schroder seems to slither to the whole while M. Smart more barrels his way in. Both are pesky defensive minded players.

M. Smart I believe gets the contract with our without the Schroder deal. 1. Marcus is now the face of the team and Schroder is most likely a one year rental.

I'm glad they are both on the team as it adds to the toughness this teams has been lacking since Jae Crowder left.

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