I don't get it

It is trully amazing to me the level of bang wagon doom and gloom fandom that litters this site. The way certain posters on here will adamantly trash players, ownership, coaching, whoever and then turn around and praise the exact same people when things are going the way they feel is right.

Like most I have been disappointed with the play the last couple of years, however it seems clear to me that the Celtics are positioning themselves for Beal next offseason. Whether this is the correct position, and whether it will work out remains to be seen. If Beal comes running to Boston next offseason to come play with his boy in Tatum, I am certain that the same detractors this offseason are going to turn around and call Brad a great president and jump right on the bandwagon again next year.

We have no guarantee that it will work out, but it seems obvious, at least to me, that that is what the team is positioning for. It's not just to avoid the tax, it's to avoid long term money on the books, it's to give the cap flexibility to add someone like Beal to the roster. Ainge was clearly a big swing or bust kinda guy and it worked sometimes and other times it didnt. We know from his time on the bench that Steven's is a tachtician and looks at things in an xs and is concept. If he doesnt think a play will work, ie signing Fournier to his current deal, or someone similar, he is going to target the play that will win games.

I do not think there is anyone on here that would argue our current roster + Beal is not better than our current roster +Fournier. I am also sure that someone is going to say, we could have both, I'm not a cap specialist but I'm pretty sure having both hemorages our ability to put anyone around our big 3. Staying flexible this year and then potentially adding Beal in the offseason will leave us with funds and assets to build around them. It would allow us to resign smart and William's. It would allow us to use tpes and exceptions to round out the team. It means we are not a big 2 with a side piece and a weak bench for years to come.

All I'm saying is give Brad a full damn year of building and planning before you say he is cutting players just to appease the ownership group and their wallets. I'm sure he has been given a budget and parameters to work with but is looking down the road. For somebi know it's annoying and feels like bridge year after bridge year but signing max free agents year after year shows me that is not how they operate. It is not so easy to go out and sign an all star at the snap of your fingers, but in the last 5 years we have done that 3 times. Yes, it hasnt worked out but saying that they dont try is assinine.

Let the tirade begin, I only ask one thing, dont go full negative Nancy today and then next offseason come back talking about how this was always the plan .

Go Celtics

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