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CelticsPod: Paul Pierce’s top 5 moments on the Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics legend is being inducted into the Basketball Hall Of Fame this weekend.

Class of 2021 Basketball Hall of Fame Announcement Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Paul Pierce will enter the NBA’s Hall Of Fame this weekend (along with Bill Russell as a head coach and legendary play-by-play announcer Mike Gorman), so we felt it was only right to remember some of his best moments in a Boston Celtics uniform. Adam and Will went through memories of The Truth, from his historic battles with LeBron James to step-back jumpers with the game on the line.

CelticsBlog’s own Michael Pearce added this in the slack channel when asked for his favorite memory.

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks Photo by Lou Capozzola/NBAE via Getty Images

“This is my favorite Paul moment. This buzzer-beater over the Knicks in MSG encapsulates Paul perfectly. Paul loved the 1-on-1 aspect of the game, and to hit a buzzer-beater over the Knicks in MSG clearly filled him with some swagger. The celebration where he ran laps at the Garden with Nate Robinson flipping over him will always fill me with joy, and that’s what basketball is about. Appreciating those fun moments is what keeps me watching the Celtics.”

Some of Will’s favorite Pierce memories are from before Adam had access to regular NBA games, so there’s a touch of jealousy in the discussion, especially when Will recalls being at the Fleet Center for multiple highlight moments.

Pierce entering the Hall Of Fame is no less than his stellar career deserves, and the guys agreed that a full episode honoring his achievements in Boston was the least the guys could do.

You can choose to watch the full episode on YouTube;

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