What is Celtic basketball?

Brad and others are always talking about Celtic basketball, but what does that really mean? Sometimes Brad says it means playing together, toughness, and defense. My understanding of Celtics history is that Red used to beat the pants off of other teams because the Celtics focused on team basketball and winning instead of individual stars. Celtics players weren’t going to be league leaders in statistics, they were just going to focus on winning. (I have a memory that Red traded a guy who led the league in scoring for Robert Parish because of what he added to winning, not his stats.) Now there is so much focus in the NBA on stars (like a certain scoring leader in Washington.) Can focusing on team basketball (instead of stars) still work in today’s NBA? Would bringing in a guy like Beal run counter to what Celtic basketball is about? What is Celtic basketball and can the Celtics still win a championship playing this style? Go!

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