New Comment System and a Fanpost test.

So I decided to try and make a fan post using the new comment system. The fanpost editor doesn't appear any different, though. There is no sarcasm font option that I could see. The cross out option doesn't work with text that is both bolded and italicized, unlike in the new comment system. Here is my test:

this will be that...

this will be that...

this will be that...

this will be that...

this will be that...

this will be that...

The funny thing about this is doing a similar test in the comments will likely play out differently. Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset at using the old system for fanposts. I'm actually relieved in a way because the new system did appear to drop several features. I just wanted to see how this would work now.

As for discussing the new comment system, here are my initial impressions...


A. The text modifiers in the new comment system are mostly superior.

They work together cleanly and there isn't a limit of like two modifiers per text. I did some playing around with it earlier. This part is definitely an upgrade. It's probably the best thing about the new comment system.


B. We are missing several older features. I will list them now:

  1. No title header
  2. No #s list option
  3. No signature
  4. No comment preview option.

The numbers ordered list option (which I used in this very section) is interestingly still available when making fanposts. Just not comments anymore. I don't know if that in of itself is a huge deal because it was glitchy and you could just do it manually. However, it is still a lost feature.

Another thing I'm not sure matters as much is the comment preview feature. When I tried posting longer length comments as a test, it seemed to mostly show up as it posted. Though the spoiler section was a bit different. Maybe more experience in the system will reveal this as a problem later. It doesn't appear like a big deal to me now, especially because the edit comment feature still seems to function fine.

I'm far more concerned about the lack of the title header and signatures. Those were very key features to the old comment system. I suppose if you really wanted to, you could start off your comment with a bold line and a blank line to do a title header manually. It's just not the same and it wouldn't catch the eye the same way titles in the old system did. Don't see why I have to explain what stinks about not having signatures anymore.

I'll edit in later if I missed anything...


C. I am not versed enough in the new system to confidently pick out all the newer features.

Supposedly, you can track which comments were replied to what better and see who rec'd now. I have no experience with that at the time of posting this, so I'll just leave it for now until I know more. Maybe I will go back and edit.

The ability to block users and some extra reporting options are also new features, though this requires it's own section for reasons I'll expound on there.

There was something about a bio. I haven't played around with it yet. Oddly enough, you can report people for having an offensive bio. I don't know enough about this yet to judge if that's good or bad.

I'll edit in later when I have a better grasp of the new features.


D. Echo Chamber potential.

So the ability to block users in of itself is not inherently problematic. It is good that you have the ability to block certain trolls in more extreme cases. However, it is something that can easily be overdone. In more extreme cases, I have seen certain folks online use block features as an excuse to silence anyone with a different opinion. And while other people will still be able to see those posters in this case, I worry there are certain folks out there who will overuse this feature and essentially put themselves in an echo chamber. Be very wary of this if you are online. It's much easier to be brainwashed if you only get fed one viewpoint all the time.

Being able to report a comment for disagreeing is also horrible. From my understanding based on what I heard, comments that get reported too much get hidden. So if enough people disagree, a comment gets hidden? That's blatant echo chamber stuff right there. And this combined with the block user feature could mean a lot of folks find themselves silenced.

We've also seen how certain trolls in the past have completely ruined polls. So a system where a bunch of votes for disagreeing makes comments disappear is practically just asking for somebody to abuse it.


E. Clunky.

Don't know how much of this is growing pains with the new launch or just a feature of the new system. Or it could just me not being used to this. However, I have found the new system to be fairly clunky when it comes to things like new comments showing up and sorting.

You also have to be mindful when using the quote and spoiler features if you want to type beyond that. The maneuvering around that isn't so hard. However, it is clunky. On the other hand, the text modifier options that do show up are a lot cleaner besides this. So they are overall improved and less clunky than they were.

My mobile experience was... not good. Not good at all. What I will say is I did that fairly early after the new comment system. So I do not know if this will work better if I try it again or not. While I'm on the subject, I'll just mention that I'm using my laptop to make this fanpost. So if making a fanpost is different on mobile, I wouldn't know this yet. It might be too soon to officially judge this aspect. I will just say that my initial impressions of the comment system in general on mobile was that it was quite clunky.

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