Sabonis is the missing piece

The media is focused on Beal and Lavine as the options for a third star in Boston. I don't see the fit with either of them: both are shoot first guys and there is a real risk that adding either of them will create substantial chemistry issues. Sabonis, on the other hand, creates for others: He averaged more than 6 assists last season. He is also a genuine threat from 3 point, which will open the court for Tatum and Brown. In addition, he is a remarkable rebounder (averaged 12 boards last season). His set of skills reminds me the prime version of Al Horford. The one that played for Atlanta.

He is only 25 yo, so he fits perfect with our core. His contract is a steal - 77 mil for 4 years (3 remaining). Making him even more attractive and easier to trade for.

The Pacers are stuck in mediocre. They have no realistic way to become contenders and they are not bad enough to improve through the draft. Hopefully they will understand that they need to move on and maximize the assets they have, before these assets demand change of scenery

Would love to read your thoughts.

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