What is most important for Celtics to be title contender

Here are mine:

1) Tatum and Brown getting more competitive - This means putting winning above everything and having that refuse to lose Larry Bird competitive attitude and willingness to figure out whatever the team needs on a given night to win, and providing that. I believe their defense slipped last year as the year went on and they took parts of games off many times where the hole was too big to dig out of to win the game. If they can become truly top 10 players, it means that they have to do more than score which they have become very good at and just have such a competitive spirit that they can will the team to wins. Too many losses to bottom team lottery teams in the middle of the weak because the team had no energy. I put a lot of that on Tatum and Brown. They need to be top 10-15 players in the NBA.

2) Playing Pritchard and Nesmith - The Celtics acquired a bunch of players, but I hope it doesn't mean these 2 guys go to the back of the bus. The Celtics need 3 point shooting for Tatum and Brown to have space and these are 2 good ones. In fact, I believe Pritchard may be one of the best shooters in the entire NBA and his range has really reached a new level based on summer ball. On top of that, these 2 play so hard and after last year dismal effort of the team, the culture needs to change where you reward effort. These 2 bring it every game, every minute.

3) Smart and Timelord need to become household names. A lot of people don't want Smart shooting. I disagree. There are games when he gets hot that he can even carry the team. The reason he has a lower percentage is he gets out of control at times and puts up bad shots. If he gets that 3 point field goal percentage up around 38 percent vs 33 percent and is a threat, this team is much better. Having him not shoot it, kills the spacing if other teams don't respect him. His ability to guard post players is the most incredible thing about Smart. He is just so powerful and competitive. Lastly, he has to improve his decision making as plays at the end of game come down to maximizing possessions. He is just as likely to throw the ball in the crowd or put up a crazy shot as he is to run down a long rebound or loose ball as it stands now. Clean up the decision making and you win more close games. Staying healthy is important but when you play so hard you will get some dings and that is a huge part of Smart's value and it is part of the deal. Timelord when he plays changes the entire defense. His shot blocks and shot altering many times causes momentum swings in the game as it leads to transition easy scores. Celtics need him on the floor where other teams have a hard time finishing in the paint with Timelords Defense.

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