If these ifs happen.....The Celtics should raise Banner 18

If Langford scores 5 ppg, last season 3.1.....If Nesmith scores 8 ppg, last season 4.7....if Payton scores 8ppg, last season 7.7
, If Timelord scores 10 PPG , last season 8ppg

This comes up to 31 ppg for these four players, now add the Two Jays and be conservative at 45 ppg, last year 51.1,we have a grand total of 76 points per/games with these 6 players. Now if Smart, Richardson,Shroeder and Big Al round out our ten man regular season rotation. If these final four guys give the Celts a nightly average of 38 ppg, last year 54.3 ppg, that 114 point per game team average. Now if the rest of the bench ( the other five guys ) give the Celtics 2 points a night, it totals 116 point per game, a very, very , good Offense...last year's NBA average per team was a 112.4 ppg.

If this team has a top 8 defense, which I think will be a top 5, how do we not crush it next year. If, candy and nuts , we're it's and buts, it would be Xmas everyday.

I'm calling it now.....#1 seed and 55 plus wins next season.

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