TPE: Side Effects Of A Wall To Clippers Trade

This is not some complicated analisys or anything, i just came up with something.

As you know, John Wall and Rockets are looking for a trade. There are not that many teams interested in Wall but one team has picked my interest; Clippers. Clippers have been linked to Wall ever since he asked for a trade, i don't know if Clippers are actually interested or not but for the sake of argumant let's say they traded for Wall. Since Wall is getting paid 41 mil this year, Morris will most likley be included in the deal. Morris can play PF, he can defend, shoot and score and he also fits in the TPE; he is the perfect trade target but since he is with the Clippers he is not available in a trade. But if he gets traded to Rockets, we can offer a package Rockets would like; cap relief (with our TPE), a 1st round pick or two and a young guy.

What do you guys think? Also, what other targets we can persue with the TPE?

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