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CelticsPod: Media Day takeaways

Media Day provided good vibes all around, and the CelticsPod team look to carry that into today’s episode.

2021 USA Basketball : All-Access Photo by Brian Choi/NBAE via Getty Images

On today's episode of the CelticsPod, Adam, Greg, and Will dive into the biggest takeaways from the Boston Celtics Media Day. The trio, who have dubbed themselves the "Three Man Weave," begin by looking at Brad Stevens and how seamlessly he has taken to the role of President of Basketball Operations.

Will recalls Stevens discussing trading Kemba Walker during his first full week in the role, which leads the guys down a rabbit hole of team strategy and how the roster is so much deeper after the moves Stevens has made thus far.

There's talk about Dennis Schroder and how his time with the media hit on all the right notes, from him saying he's willing to play his role to his mention of how many members of the organization recruited him. Adam explores the notion of "selflessness," which was prevalent throughout Media Day and has been another buzzword during the off-season.

"I think when people discuss selfless basketball, they think of making the extra pass or being a willing playmaker. But to me, it goes much deeper than that. Selfless basketball means doing the things which go uncelebrated, like making an extra cut to open a driving lane or being a willing off-ball screener. Making decisions for the good of the team, but knowing that you're not going to be rewarded for it - that's a huge aspect to selfless basketball, in my opinion."

2021-22 Boston Celtics Media Day Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Despite the guys curtailing off down multiple avenues during the podcast, they hit on why role players deserve more coverage and how they're the foundations on which the team's stars stand tall.

"You can tell we're on an Adam Taylor podcast; we just spent 5-10 minutes discussing Grant Williams," Greg said.

"Hey man, role players are important, and to understand the team's ceiling, we need to understand what each player brings to the table," Adam replied.

Depth, versatility, and good vibes were the common discussion points throughout the episode, as the Three Man Weave agreed that this year has a different feel to it when hearing the players talk. The only question now, is can the good vibes be sustained throughout the ups and downs of a regular NBA season?

You can choose to watch the full episode on YouTube;

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