How good a job has Stevens done , so far?

After the news of the Dunn/Edwards for Juancho trade, I started to gather my thoughts about the moves Stevens has made to date.

Many felt that he might be over matched in the new position, as he had no experience running an NBA franchise. I think those fears have been mainly put to rest for now at least.

We will have to wait to see if Stevens biggest off-season move (the Hiring of Udoka) was a good one or not, but I want to look at the player movement mostly here.

I'll consolidate the trades and Free agent moves to make better sense of them to me at least.

Traded K. Walker and the #16 pick in the draft
A. Horford and J. Richardson

this deal saved no salary, but gave the Celtics TWO NBA vets for the price of one and a draft pick. Add in the extension that Richardson signed and we could have both Horford and Richardsonfro two years at the same money Kemba's deal was.

Traded T. Thompson and C. Edwards
J. Hernangomez and B. Fernando

This deal saves over $2M in salary and got rid of two players who were not good fits on the roster.

FA moves

Did NOT re-sign Fournier , Semi and Kornet

instead signing Schroder and Kanter

these moves cut over $10M form the Salary if they would have signed Fournier instead.

in total over $12M less in over all team salary's with FIVE NBA vets added to replace three who left (four if you count Semi).

that's pretty good maneuvering for a team right at the tax line for the most part.

Finally, the moves to extend both Smart and Rob Williams to fair market deals or even slightly below should be a big deal for team chemistry.

now lets look at how Stevens has not only lowered the projected payroll, but also added proven NBA vets to this roster.

I will use games player, total minutes and min/Game over the past TWO years for each player below:

Players added

D. Schroder- 126 G- 3955 Min- 31.3 Min/G
J. Richardson- 114 G-3483 Min- 30.5 Min/G
A. Horford- 95 G- 2807 Min- 29.5 min/G
E. Kanter- 130 G- 2741 Min- 21.0 min/G
Hernangomez- 100 G- 1733 min- 17.3 Min/G
B. Fernando- 89 G- 939 Min- 10.5 min/G

Players gone

K. Walker- 99 G- 3111 min- 31.4 Min/G
E. Fournier- 108 G- 3335 Min- 30.8 Min/G
T. Thompson- 111 G- 3008 min- 27.1 Min/G
S. Ojeleye - 125 G- 1961 min- 15.6 min/G
L. Kornet- 67 G- 907 Min- 13.5 Min/G
C. Edwards- 68 G- 627 Min- 9.2 Min/G

It's easy to see just how deeper a roster Stevens built in this off-season without having a lot of assets at his disposal. I for one am glad we are rid of Ainge, he was way past his due date as the NBA exec, IMO.

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