We have a nasty 7 man rotation but need to make it an 8 man rotation so here's my trade idea...

IMO we have a really strong 7 man rotation.



Jaylen Brown

Josh Richardson

Jason Tatum

Al Horford

Robert Williams

We really don't know who is gonna step up. Pritchard, Nesmith or Langford???? So here is my trade proposal!!!!!

Nesmith,Pritchard, Langford and the 2022 First round pick to........drumroll please...

Atlanta for De Andred Hunter.

Now we would still have 2 smalls Shroeder/Smart 4 wings Hunter, Richardson,Jaylen Brown , and Jayson Tatum and Two bigs to Horford/Timelord to round out our 8 man playoff rotatation...

Hunter is really good and looks to be everything of a number three on a championship team. I believe a trade like this puts Boston over the top.

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