How I Would Distribute the Minutes Right Now

If I were the God of Celtics basketball, I would distribute the minutes as follows: Of course minutes are earned and there is a lot of preseason and practice before any games where the coaches will work this all out. But what fun is patiently waiting when I can declare things definitively? None!

As an aside, I stumbled across this site where you can see rotation information pretty well, I liked playing with it a bit. Who knows maybe it is some kind of internet scam, the url is weird, but it was fun to play with (you have to subscribe for free to see anything worth seeing).


Smart, Brown, Nesmith, Tatum, Horford

If the C's are going to be their best selves this year, I think it is with a lineup like this. Pretty good shooting, hopefully Nesmith takes steps defensively.

1st subs: (6 minutes played)

Pritchard in for Smart

Richardson in for Nesmith

Williams in for Horford

I'd like to see Pritchard get a few minutes with the J's, and this move keeps about the same amount of shooting out there, if not a little better.

Pritchard, Richardson, Brown, Tatum, Williams

2nd sub: (9 minutes played)

Schroder in for Brown

Juancho in for Tatum

Pritchard, Schroder, Richardson, Hernangomez, Williams

3rd sub: (12 minutes played)

Horford in for Williams

Brown in for Pritchard

Schroder, Richardson, Brown, Hernangomez, Horford

4th subs: (16 minutes played)

Smart in for Brown

Tatum in for Hernangomez

Williams in for Horford

Pritchard for Richardson

Pritchard, Schroder, Smart, Tatum, Williams

5th subs: (20 minutes played)

Nesmith in for Schroder

Brown in for Pritchard

Horford in for Williams

Back to the starters to finish out the half.


6th subs: (30 minutes played)

Richardson in for Nesmith

Schroder in for Tatum

Schroder, Smart, Richardson, Brown, Horford

7th sub: (32 minutes played)

Williams in for Horford

Schroder, Smart, Richardson, Brown, Williams

8th sub: (34 minutes played)

Pritchard in for Smart

Tatum in for Brown

Pritchard, Schroder, Richardson, Tatum, Williams

9th sub: (40 minutes played)

Smart in for Richardson

Nesmith in for Schroder

Brown in for Tatum

Smart, Pritchard, Nesmith, Brown, Williams

10th sub: (43 minutes played)

Tatum in for Pritchard

Horford in for Williams

Starters are back on to finish out the game.

Minute Totals:

Smart- 32 minutes [21 w/ starters, 11 w/ subs, only 4 minutes with Schroder + Richardson not great shooting]

Brown- 35 minutes [21 w/ starters, 14 w/ subs, 24 w/ Tatum, 11 w/ no Tatum – sub minutes largely w/ Richardson]

Nesmith- 24 minutes [21 w/ starters, 3 w/ subs, all with Brown, 3 w/ no Tatum, only 3 w/ Pritchard (splits up shooters)]

Tatum- 34 minutes [21 w/ starters, 13 w/ subs, all sub minutes with Pritchard]

Horford- 27 minutes [21 w/ starters, 6 w/ subs, all with Brown]

Pritchard- 19 minutes [all w/ R Williams, 13 w/ Schroder, 13 w/ Tatum]

Richardson- 20 minutes [17 w/ Schroder, 14 w/ R Williams, 12 w/ Pritchard, 11 w/ Brown, 9 w/ Tatum]

Schroder- 21 minutes [8 w/ Smart, 8 w/ Brown, 8 w/ Tatum, 15 w/ R Williams]

R Williams- 21 minutes [9 w/ Smart, 8 w/ Brown, 13 w/ Tatum]

Hernangomez- 7 minutes

Minutes played without either Nesmith or Pritchard: Brown- 8, Tatum- 0

3 PG minutes: 4

Minutes difficult defending: Tatum- 4 (plays with 3 pg lineup), Brown- 3 (plays PF essentially for a few minutes) (-maybe you take 3 minutes from Nesmith and give them to Hernangomez? Seems odd to play him 3 minutes in the second half)

What I learned:

This stuff is super hard, and I'm not even factoring in if someone gets hot, or other in game issues. Ideally I'd have Horford and R Williams basically split time at C, and now that I'm done with this, I think the simplest way to do that is basically play them each half a quarter every quarter. In the second half start off with Williams so Horford can finish the game.

My goal was Smart, Brown and Tatum to play mid to low 30's mpg, Nesmith to start but play backup level minutes (but with the starters as much as possible), and get the other backups around 20 mpg. Schroder has a pretty long stretch in the first half, but I couldn't seem to fix that. Every change has a butterfly effect level cascade around the rotation. I feel like you'd need an excel spreadsheet to not have this exercise take hours upon hours.

Anyway, commence the tearing apart...

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