Simmons & Harris

If the rumors are true, would you consider trading for both Simmons and Harris? The Celts may have enough pieces to throw at Philly to possibly entice them into a trade, especially if we are taking on Harris's bloated contract. I believe Simmons could be the missing piece to the Celts puzzle, a gifted passer and defensive stalwart.

My Trade:

Celts trade: Smart, Horford, Schroder, Richardson and Hernangomez

Sixers trade: Simmons, Harris & Reed

The biggest question is why would the Sixers do this trade, simply put, I don't see any team taking on the Harris contract. I could see Doc liking to have more veterans on this team. Celts desperately need to change something and adding another All star in Simmons and a younger PF in Harris may help swing this team. This also helps the Celts even out the starting 5

Simmons PG, Brown SG, Tatum, SF, Harris PF, Williams ill C

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