Realistic TPE Acquistions for 2021-22 Season

Looks like the wheels starting to turn on the trade front league wide. Feels like will be opportunity out there for C's to bulk up on a couple solid vets if wanting too. Couple moves wouldn't mind seeing:

Now that Reddish is with the Knicks do they just want out of the Burks contract obligation? If so, C's can eat that contract entirely with TT TPE. Perhaps attach a 2nd to allow Knicks to recoup a touch of draft capital. Burks just 30 and has shot 41% from three last couple years while averaging 12 ppg.

POR is cooked and probably will be looking to save some cash given their rough cap situation. Covington an expiring on their end so again Cs' could save that ownership some cash by just taking that contract off their hands with the Fournier TPE. Maybe they take back Bruno. RoCo would fit in nicely as a 3/D player and potentially let C's move Al to the bench and try and preserve him for the postseason.

Starters: Smart, Brown, Tatum, Covington, Timelord

Bench: Schroder, Richardson, Burks, Williams, Horford

Rock solid on D and and very nice veteran bench.

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