Celtics Trade Ideas from Non-Celtics Fans

I know we have a decent number of posters like ScottFL who are actually fans of other teams. I am submitting a solicitation from all of you here...what legitimate, fair to both sides trades would you be interested in between your teams and the Celtics.

For all of the Boston fans here who may look through sites for other teams, what trades have you seen proposed by other fanbases that you're actually interested in?

I feel like we tend to look at the same few targets, and we all have our own thoughts on the value of current Celtics players. I'd like to see what some other fanbases think about not just the value of our players, but also the value of their own. We tend to overvalue role players when they're your own, because you see the contributions they make night in and night out. But when we look at the supporting cast of other teams, we see stars and players that aren't stars without much in between. So....ideas?

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