Feb 11 Boston Sports headline!!

my prediction of course.

Celtics shake up roster with TWO trades at the deadline

The Boston Celtics who are mired at .500 still and fighting for a playoff spot in the east, finally made a move near the trade deadline yesterday. In What President of Basketball operations Brad Stevens described as team shaking, the Celtics made two moves to prepare the team for a playoff push this year.

In the fist deal they sent seldom used swingman Aaron Nesmith to the Denver Nuggets for 35YO NBA vet Jeff Green and a future second round pick. Green is a familiar face to old time Celtic fans as he played here before when Stevens was coaching the club back in the olden days.

Then in second work of magic like proportions, The team managed to send out Herman Gomez and his $7M salary to the Oklahoma franchise and got back Ty Jerome, a player Stevens likens to a future possible all-star here. Boston also had to send back a second round pick to get OKC to eat Gomez's salary.

Quoting Stevens here " yeah we got a second then we lost one...even Stevens as I like to say"

Stevens also pointed out that the team still had a roster spot they could fill, however he did note that ownership would prefer we drop one more salary as they HATE taxes!!

Nesmith and Gomez could be seen smiling as they left town and gave the city a big one finger wave on their way out of town as well.

Staff here thinks these moves may well be JUST what the doctor ordered to get the team back into the race for the tops in the East this year!

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