Willkommen in Boston Dennis.... und tschüß?

From here on out I assume Dennis Schröder will (if he plays) be mentioned in almost in every article on this page into February (if he is not traded sooner), due to the trade deadline approaching and the fact that he is still playing in basketball games. So i thought I would try to clear something up about the spelling of his name. A bit late, i know.

Dennis' last name "Schröder" is correctly spelled with an umlaut above the "O", as is common in the german language. Now there is a workaround for this, for all of those who don't have acces to the letters with umlauts. Just add an "E" after the "O". It is the common way of spelling german words when one does not have acces to the letters with umlauts, or does not feel like using them. It could be nice, especially since his time might not last much longer in Boston and he did actually win the C's a few games there at the beginning, that we could show some class and him some respect by spelling his name correctly, especially the working writers (looking at you keith) on the blog and I thought maybe knowing this would make it easier.

I personally don't think the C's can get anything for him on his own that is worth making a trade. I would rather see if the C's could force an upset in the first round to get people excited for this team again. I think that is easier with a good 6th man on the bench, and dennis is a near perfect fit for that role.

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