JB/JT & Sunk Cost Fallacy

Remember when Danny bypassed Fultz on the basis that ‘makeup’ is innate? 5/6 years later and we’re questioning their mental toughness.,

C’mon you all know it in your guts: these aren’t the guys. We all know something is wrong. Been this way for almost 4 seasons. But the sunk cost fallacy is prevents necessary restructuring.

Brown gave that forced ‘never satisfied’ comment after Indy win (3 game streak) and laid and egg tonight. That’s how I know this is over, we missed the window,

This business of ‘we talked, we’re gonna figure it out’ between JB/JT is famous last words of every dysfunctional couple…. It’s how quickly they revert back to old ways that shows this is never going to work.

We’re continuing down a dead end path that every intelligent sports fan understands is dead end because of sunk cost of last 5-6 years. Unless something dramatic changes it’s over.

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