They need a new offensive coordinator

A lot of people conclude that if you have Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum on the floor, then you automatically have enough offense to compete. This is a fallacy.

Even though Brown and Tatum are gifted offensive players, their skills need to be integrated into an offensive system that involves all five players. The offense cannot rely so heavily in them doing ISO dribble and drive. I am not blaming them, I am blaming the predictable and plodding offensive "scheme" they are being asked use.

In football, there are offensive and defensive coordinators. I don't know if NBA teams use coaches in a similar way. If so, then the Celtics need a new offensive coordinator. Many people have observed that lack of offense in the past and it's not getting better. It looks like it gets better against a poor defensive team like the Pacers.

Fourteen points in the first quarter, 31 points for the half. This is the NBA, not high school. And this is with two excellent offensive players on the team. What a waste.

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