A few ideas to fix Celtics

Need a true point guard.

1. Trade Marcus Smart and Al Horford to Rockets for John Wall. Money matches

wall was a 20 point, 10 assist guy not that long ago… he doesn’t play because rockets want to be bad and give young players the playing time. I believe he is what we need, a pass first floor general to help reduce turnovers and get easier baskets for the Jays. Rockets likely reroute these veterans to other teams for picks. Wall makes insane money but I think Marcus’ contract will be tough in a few years and next year Horford will be 14mm of dead money. Also, John wall is only under contract for one more season after this one creating an enormous expiring deal.

Add the right veterans.

2. Trade Herangomez, lottery protected 1st and Richardson to the Kings for Harrison Barnes. Money matches.

Barnes is the perfect "4" next to Brown and Tatum. He has been that guy on a championship team with steph and Klay. Hits the 3, defends, rebounds. And willing to defer.

Send Schroeder some where for draft capital

3. Schroeder to Mavs for 2 2nd round picks.

with Horford gone we need a back up center

4. Send one of those 2nd round picks to the Thunder for Derrick Favors. He fits into the Tristan Thompson TPE.

new look celtics

F Tatum-Nesmith

F Barnes-GWilliams

C RWilliams-Favors-Freedom

G Brown-Langford

G Wall-Pritchard

get active on buyout market and if doesn’t work, stevens can get after it again this summer. But like Wall, Barnes and Favors on this team….

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