Timelord … Puh leez

How many times do we see Rob with the ball in his hands searching ( granted it is only a split second, because that is how long it takes him to make a decision) for the pass to make, and there is no defender within 10 feet? Many times ! Imagine if one of his choices is to shoot a jumper, or dribble (probably only one dribble) to score for himself. We have seen that he DOES have a little jump shot. In fact last night he actually took one ( missed it) but that shot could have been a glimpse of the future. We know that Rob believes in and trusts Ime a great deal, so I can only conclude that Ime doesn’t want him to shoot it. Unfortunately, this means everytime Rob has the ball at the foul line or top of the key, it is 5 defenders on our other 4 players.

Please Rob … shoot the ball . Please Ime … let him.

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