Make or Break Time for the Cs - Soft Schedule through the All-Star Break

Beginning this afternoon, the Cs have 16 games until the All-Star Break: 9 at home, 7 on the road, only 2 back-to-backs, and most importantly, against opponents with a combined winning percentage of only .438. Clearly, if the Cs are going to make a move in the standings and push to remain above .500, they will need to do so during this stretch. Their 22 final games after the all-star break are against much tougher opponents.

I am going to optimistically project the Cs to go 10-6 during this stretch, which would have them go into the break at 32-28. That probably would be good enough for land them at the top of the play-in or bottom of the top 6, and might give them the confidence and momentum to come out of the break playing at a .500 clip or better. If they cannot put together a winning record during this very soft stretch before the all-star break, then they are for sure headed for the lottery, and Udoka should be headed for the door.

Other predictions? ( As I post this, they are down 14 to the Pels with 4 minutes left in the second quarter. Definitely not a good omen.)

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