Trade Idea

Marcus Smart and Robert Williams and our 2022 1st round pick to San Antonio for Dejounte Murray. Yep the Sicilian has did it again...... Murray brings great D and is and up and coming point who will make multiple All-Star appearances.. He play great defense and really doesn't foul much.. he can dish it out 8.9 assists per game and is very athletic grabbing 8 rebounds a game. Murray is only getting better. He scores about 20 points a game, with 2.1 steals per game.. He Shoots about 33 percent from deep and needs to work on that, this is really his only real weakness. Murray would change the dynamics of this team in an overwhelming way.. We would have a legitimate BIG 3.......yes a big 3 not two Js and a group of others..

I love Smart but he is not even close to Murrays caliper. Robert Williams is the casualty here for the Celts, but we do have Big Al signed for two years and he can still anchor at a high enough level. Williams Stock is very high at the moment and could turn into a devastating player who can perform on a nightly basis. He also could be the player who is out half a season every year too...

Make no mistake, this is a big pay for a exceptionally gifted player who is still developing. San Antonio may not jump on this deal like a lot of Celts fans think they would. Murray in my opinion is going to develop into a top Three all around point in the next season or two. Williams could also develop into a night beast also, but Murray is more of what this team needs...Smart, Williams and a first rounder is a big BIG trade to really think about.

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