Why Your Trade Idea Sucks

The NBA trade deadline is February 10 which means it's trade season. That also means that it's dumb trade idea season. Here are some reasons why your trade idea sucks.

  • Your trade isn't legal. I don't expect everyone to read the CBA like I did, but at least use a trade checker to see if the money works out.
  • You want to trade Jaylen Brown. Not happening. The Celtics are building around Tatum and Brown. They're going to re-tool the roster completely before they consider splitting up those two unless a ridiculous godfather offer appears.
  • You act like the other team is run by morons. Yes, some teams actually are run by morons, but a lot of teams do dumb stuff like overvalue the bird in the hand relative to the two in the bush. They like their own players, especially if they were drafted by the current regime. A lot of bad trade ideas are based around the idea that a team will be disenchanted and give away players. Here's a rule of thumb. Unless there is a dependable rumor to the contrary, assume that the team you want to trade with values the players you want to trade for 10% more than you do and values the players you want to trade away 10% less than you do.
  • You want to trade first round picks for anything less than a third star who isn't a rental. That star doesn't have to be an All-Star, but it has to be someone who is more than a role player. The Celtics have resisted trading future firsts. They aren't going to start trading picks for role players now. If that means keeping the pick and using it, they will keep the pick and draft a player.

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