A cost free short-term solution: re-think the C's hierarchy

There's a free, relatively easy short-term solution that fans/media can help with: un-learn what the Celtics hierarchy is. Or completely change the convo of who C's most coveted players are: merit > perception.

Robert Williams is C's most valuable/impactful player (if we understand value beyond just shooting). Not just numbers like WS/48 (where he's top 8 in NBA), or his VORP adjusted to 36 minutes.

Naturally, people say JT most valuable because he's a shooter in a shooter's league. Oh really:


eFG% - 116 in the NBA

FG% - 105

ws/48 - 108


eFG% - 77 in the NBA

FG% - 75

ws/48 - 52

TS% - 95

What I want to see is the way fans perceive this entire team from top to bottom change. Stop putting 2 players on a pedestal.

Another thing is: when Romeo is considered as valuable as Brown is (or within the mix of C's best players), we'll know the team has changed directions for the better. All it takes is 2-3 additional FG's/game for the entire convo on Langford to change.... This is a function of minutes not talent.

I want Brown to been understood, not as top C's player but 3rd/4th who's excellent shooter, rebounds a bit but does really nothing else besides commit turnovers and is pretty useless on defense.

In a sense, we're all somewhat to blame for this. Putting players on a pedestal who frankly don't deserve it. The entire hierarchy should be updated, starting with Rob as most impactful player.

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