Dennis Schroder trade destinations

We've all been seeing (or saying) Schroder should be traded for draft capital or a young player. I don't think there is much demand for a backup PG or borderline starter, especially from a playoff team. A non-playoff team won't want to improve or give up something for the last third of a season.

New York might be a possibility with Rose out and Walker not being a Thibs guy, but they are behind us, so they probably don't make a trade. Toronto doesn't have a lot after Vanvleet, but they are more into a rebuild. Philly surrounds Embid with shooters and it seems to be working out this year.

In the west, there are a lot of dominant PGs, and defined backups. GS runs on ball movement more that PG creation, Denver might need some help, but Jokic is really the ball handler, and they made their last trade for a shooter. There might be some opportunity at the bottom of the west but no demand for a trade.

The better option might be to look to re-sign him in the summer, and make the starting PG position an open competition. In a fast-paced, motion offense Dennis would be in his element. That kind of offense de-emphasizes the iso-heavy Tatum offense. Move Richardson in with the starters. Al either comes off the bench or gets moved for assets. There are plenty of guards and wings to fill out the rotation.

What's your best Schroder trade proposal?

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